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Expect Quality Over Quantity!

Hair extensions are a investment, That's no secret, but a lot of that investment comes from the hair itself.


We always choose quality over quantity when it comes to the type of hair we offer for our extension services. And we will never compromise cost for quality. 

Our promise is to always deliver a premium service with only premium products furor guests

What are Invisible Bead Extensions?

Invisible Bead Extensions are unlike any other wefted hair extension method on the market.  The I.B.E. method is the only seamless weft method that creates no tension on the hair, has no exposed beads, and does not irritate the scalp in any way. This method is perfect for anyone who loves a pony tail.  It gives you the ability to wear your hair up on day 1 without any discomfort or damage to the hair.  They are undetectable weather your hair is up or down.


I.B.E. requires some maintenance.  We do not "tighten" or "move up" the weft but rather reinstall it fresh every 7-10 weeks.  With Invisible Bead extensions the hair is reusable but a new set is recommended after 9 months.

Our Certified stylist  only uses top quality hair extension lines on all IBE. applications.

Are you ready to start your extension journey?