our cancelation policies

A 24 hour notice must be given for cancellations and or missing any appointments without proper notification, the first time, we will allow booking another appointment. If any appointment without notification happens a second time, we will not allow any future appointments to be scheduled until the missed appointment has been paid in full.

Please understand that the reason for this policy is to protect our stylists from having blocks of time scheduled out that will not be fulfilled with services, to protect the Refinery Salon & Co stylists from loss of revenues especially in busy times, and also to allow time in our schedules for others who are trying to make appointments. We simply cannot commit to scheduling appointments for those who may not show. If a customer is unable or unwilling to pay for the missed appointment but would still like to receive services at the Refinery, it would be allowed on a walk-in basis only and we would happily offer services if and when available.

Refinery Salon & Co reserves the right to refuse appointments for any reason. Should no show, cancellations, and/or habitual rescheduling occur, service will no longer be provided by Refinery Salon & Co


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