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Refinery salon interior floor
Refinery salon interior


Refinery salon plants

Do you want to be the stylist that makes your client's dream hair come true and increase your skills with IBE hair installations? Give your guests' the beautiful, long, voluminous hair they've always dreamed of.


Follow me, Deanna, along with what a shadowing day could look like for you... But first, COFFEE! Let’s sit and have a chat and spend some time getting to know more about you why behind the chair, where you are in your business, technique and our set goals for the day. I’ll give you the breakdown of how I strategize for a IBE guest and create some magic behind the chair. 


I’ll bring you along at least 3 rows of my own work, show you how to take Instagram worthy photos in the salon as well as answer any questions you have along the way! I want to know where are you struggle within your business? Do we need to focus extra time on Technique? Do you have systems in place to streamline you business? Are you transitioning into extensions only stylist?


We’ll break for lunch and spend time refining your work on a mannequin for 90 I will have all tools and supplies for you your shadow day is about how you want to make the most of it! This is your opportunity to ask all the questions!

 As we move through the day, we can work through your struggles and fine tune the details. I’ll teach you my tips and tricks to streamline your installs, your business, and get you back behind the chair more confident than EVER!


Shadowing with Deanna is an exceptional, in-depth experience to learn from one another and create special connection within the invisible bead extensions community of artists!



If you want to elevate your extension business behind the chair and further your skill set, Tap the link below to reserve our time together.  

I can’t wait to connect!!



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Refinery Salon Interior

Additional information


The Eastern Iowa Airport is a 20 min drive from our downtown salon.


We have several Airbnb's and a Marriott within a few blocks of the salon.


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